creativity  workshops

. overview
learn creativity skills

All fields face rules and bottom lines that can make it seem we have no room to be creative. But it is precisely when there are limitations that creativity can step in to save us.

Creativity is one of the most valuable skills we can bring to any workplace. It is a basic ingredient for an organisation that wants to thrive with change and uncertainty. Project Illusions workshops teach these skills. 

Christopher Howell has developed an interactive creativity workshop experience that debunks common myths and makes use of a variety of techniques so by the end, everyone has struck upon a ‘breakthrough moment’ (even the skeptics!).

. Themes
often covered include

- Creative thinking & innovation 
- Effective problem solving
- Overcoming obstacles
- Achieving impossible goals
- Power of beliefs and assumptions
- Multiple perspectives

. Activities
to explore the themes may include

These are useful because when you realise your perceptions have been“tricked,” you understand valuable lessons about how you block yourself from creative thinking.  Understanding our blocks is the first step to moving to a more creative place.

Even people who swear they couldn’t draw to save their life are shocked by the results of these exercises. They teach valuable observation skills that are transferrable to problem solving.

These exercises help participants learn how to stop making assumptions. It is this innovative thinking that can help delegates move to a whole new level of awareness to often change their "reality."

Learning simple magic tricks demonstrates some of the creative ways that magicians appear to accomplish "impossible" things.  It shows that logical thinking can create seemingly impossible results.

Watching magic performed is a strong way to communicate an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. These magical achievements are accomplished by making use of incorrect assumptions made by audiences. “Possibility” is in the eye of the beholder.

This is an interactive experience that reveals how reality is a fluid concept rather than a solid one.  It shows how creative thinkers are those who can juggle multiple perspectives.

. Benefits
valuable take-aways

- Creative habits are learned for professional and personal life
- Delegates create innovative ideas for their unique professional context
- Participants leave with a full battery of creative methods
- Context to think fresh in fun interactive ways

. technical details

- Length: usually between 1 and 3 hours
- Attendees: usually from 10 to 200
- Equipment: projector and screen required
- Based in London with international availability

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