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Creativity Workshop: Testimonials & Feedback

What others have to say...

"Thank you so much for coming to our team event and delivering your excellent and very inspiring workshop. You delivered everything we hoped for and more. With such a diverse group as ours, it is often hard to please everyone but what you did was spot on - a perfect balance of entertainment, drama (how apt for us!), education and inspiration."
-Zoë Brown
Head of Legal and Business Affairs
BBC Drama, Films & Acquisitions

"The delegates in our workshop gave top scores to Christopher's workshop - even the skeptics who didn't expect the session would have much to offer them!"
-C. Jones, Training
A multinational pharmaceutical

"Our clients were extremely pleased with your speech."
-C. Turroturro
on behalf of KPMG (Greece)

"Thank you so much for contributing to the success of the Meritum event. It's been great having you as a speaker at the conference. Your "Creativity, Magic & Innovation" session was very interesting and thought provoking - very different to anything this group has had before at a conference. … Your magic was truly magic and the different exercises quite intriguing and interesting. The words "things are not always what they seem" are so true and all too often we don't stop and think about a solution in the right frame of mind.
It's been a real pleasure meeting you and I hope I will be able to have you present at another one of my conferences in the not so distant future
- M. Klopfer
on behalf of Meritum Finance (Australia)

"The feedback from our delegates about Christopher's spot was positive and it added a fun and memorable element to a day that otherwise would have just been full of hard work. It was a pleasure working with him and we highly recommend his presentations."
- Mr. C Daplyn (Blueprint Partners)
On behalf of Volkswagen, UK

"I've attended an awful lot of presentations during my career in the business world and this was one of the most engaging I've ever seen."
-M. Taylor
General Manager, London MICE, Ltd.

"Your speech at our Hilton event is still the most talked about of all presentations for the evening! All power to you!"
-Mr. G. Peachey,
Director, FREdome

"It takes real talent to mix change management, personal development, and entertainment into one session. Christopher Howell has the rare talent to combine making it happen with making the experience enjoyable."
- Dr. C. Luebkeman,
Director for Global Foresight and Innovation,
Ove Arup & Partners, Ltd .

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“The real voyage
of discovery consists
not in seeking
new landscapes,
but in having
new eyes.”

- Proust


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