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Project Illusions is a business-focused experience using magic to show how to inspire innovation and change management through creativity.

Magician Christopher Howell deliver talks and workshops full of benefits. He demonstrates that creativity is a skill that anyone in any field can learn to reach their potential.

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Up your game at your next conference or training day. You want to give your group a motivational speaker who will equip them to push their competitive advantage. Don’t risk wasting their time with another speaker’s death-by-powerpoint masterclass! Watch Christopher Howell explain his magic in the video.



Christopher Howell created Project Illusions to advance audiences beyond their limits. He presents it as a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. His training as a coach is combined with his background as a magician and education in diverse creative fields.

His creative qualifications include a BA in Theatre Arts (Richmond University, London) and classical singer training (Accademia Filarmonica, Bologna). He holds a Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College.

Originally from the United States, he works mostly between Europe and North America for both Project Illusions and his entertainment career. 



Christopher is a professional magician which means his sessions guarantee to engage your audience. A parallel career to his talks and workshops, he performs magic and consults on special projects. He is the co-producer of the magic variety show Norvil & Josephine. Christopher is a member of The Magic Circle and his credits include international television appearances plus shows at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and The Wintergarten in Berlin.

He has collaborated with theatre companies including Punchdrunk. Christopher has trained with master practitioners Ira Seidenstein, Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger.

Christopher also supports the charity Breathe AHR which teaches magic as occupational therapy for children with hemiplegia.

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Christopher’s creativity workshops ensure you will earn kudos for putting on a workshop that inspires and equips participants to reach their potential. Skills gained are immediately applicable in dealing with change, innovation and professional development.

Participants engage with magic and visual aids, which challenge their perception of reality. This helps them find their creative blocks before discovering ways around them.

These workshops explore practical topics, teach creative habits and provide a tool kit full of techniques. The benefits can be transferred to unique professional situations as the testimonials prove.


We know you should up your game for each event. Christopher’s talks do exactly that. His magic career translates into a thrilling keynote about creativity and its impact on change and innovation. Thought-provoking and practical, his talks give inspiration to develop and nurture creative skills, then reap the benefits.

He addresses the themes of your event with practical topics.  These are delivered in a talk that is remembered for both its effectiveness and entertainment.

Project Illusions talks are multimedia and interactive. They have proven effective worldwide for meetings from fifty to a thousand (see the testimonials).

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. Topics Covered INCLUDE

1Creative thinking


3Dealing with change

4Professional development

5Effective problem solving

6Achieving 'impossible' goals

. Case Studies of past clients


Procter & Gamble


City University

ARUP Partners  >


Focus London


Linklaters  >

Volkswagen >


Meritum Finance  >


Volunteer England

David Shepherd Foundation

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