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BBC’s Drama, Films and Acquisitions department wanted to shake things up with a creativity masterclass workshop during their away day.  It wasn’t the first time Christopher was warned the attendees were going to be diverse and historically ‘hard to please’ but the results spoke for themselves…

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To create a two and a half hour interactive workshop experience as part of an away day for 70 participants.  The organisers wanted an experience to help everyone think fresh about their roles in bringing creativity to the BBC.

One would assume that the someone working in a creative department (such as this group from BBC Film) would have no need for a creativity workshop. However they can still struggle to twist and turn as creatively as it might like to.  Those attending the workshop were a wide variety of backgrounds as far ranging as accountants to content producers.  So Christopher threw at them his widest range of exercises so there would be something for everyone. And it turns out, there was...

Thank you so much for your excellent and very inspiring workshop.  You delivered everything we hoped for and more.  With such a diverse group as ours, it is often hard to please everyone but what you did was spot on - a perfect balance of entertainment, drama (how apt for us!), education and inspiration.

The feedback that I have heard is all very positive.  (You demonstrated) how to do something slightly outside of most people’s comfort zones and highlighted what can be achieved by looking at things differently.

Zoë Brown
Head of Legal and Business Affairs, BBC Drama, Films & Acquisitions

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