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Christopher was invited as guest speaker for the 16th annual KPMG People Management Symposium in Athens. It was for their 200 attendees at the ‘Art Nouveau HR” conference to introduce innovative artistic ways of moving forward into the year ahead.

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The project was to create an inspirational and interactive two-hour workshop.  This event was attended by 200 HR management professionals. The goal was to present an inspirational workshop that would help impart skills for the delegates to become more creative in their professional roles and help reveal potential they can put to better use despite the ongoing challenging economic situation.

Taking on board the bigger context of the event, Christopher proposed to focus the talk not exclusively on professional challenges. Emphasis was placed on creative techniques the attendees could apply to their lives outside of work, helping them explore ways to nurture creativity also in non-professional contexts. This holistic approach was strongly endorsed and delegates were encouraged to make it work for them.

Delegates were extremely pleased by the presentation as it wasn’t just about fixing professional problems that sometimes seem insurmountable, but it was about how to tap into creativity in all activities of your week to be more grounded and resourceful.  Then to tap into that creative resource pool when you need to do it at work.

M. Papacosta 
Managing agent of the KPMG event

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