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Christopher was a guest speaker for 200 top financial planners from around the world meeting in Istanbul.  The client wanted a fun and inspirational talk about creativity and innovation.

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To deliver a speech that would look at the work of a magician and explain how it can help teach anyone to embrace their professional circumstances more creatively.

Christopher noticed that the retreat was full of talks where everyone would be sitting back and listening. The proposal for his session was that an interactive element be introduced to help the delegates engage more. The intention was to surprise the audience, get them out of their comfort zones, and see what personal discoveries they can make in the process.

Thank you so much for contributing to the success of the event. It was great having you as a speaker at the conference. Your session was very interesting and thought provoking. It was also very different to anything this group has had before at a conference. Your magic was *truly* magic.

The different exercises not only were intriguing and interesting but they also truly illustrated that "things are not always what they seem". All too often we don't stop and think about a solution in the right frame of mind. I would also like to comment on your professionalism which I really appreciated.

M. Klopfer
Meritum event organizer

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