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Now more than ever, your training event or conference must equip delegates to thrive with change and uncertainty. As your motivational speaker, Christopher Howell will deliver a keynote talk about how the benefits of creativity impact how we deal with change, innovate or develop professionally. His live and online talks are entertaining, memorable and full of practical take-aways.

Based on your objectives, as a certified coach and Magic Circle magician, Christopher teaches creative thinking methods using magic and diverse artistic exercises. His unique mix of approaches and accessible delivery has proven successful even at events predicted to be full of skeptics.

For your next event, if you don’t deliver a buzz, you’ll get snores. Instead be sure you earn the kudos of having booked Christopher Howell and pulled off - like Google - "the best event of the year." 

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often covered include

1 Dealing with change 
2 Innovation
3 Creative thinking
4 Effective problem solving
5 Achieving 'impossible' goals

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- Length: usually between 20 and 45 minutes
- Attendees: no cap on audience size
- Equipment: projector and screen preferred
- Based in London with international availability
- For talks in North America, no visa required and travel inclusive

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