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Volkswagen engaged Christopher to deliver a ‘creativity tour talk’ for sales conferences around the UK.  The message was to encourage franchise owners to broaden their scopes and discover the opportunities that may be right in front of their eyes.

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The tour was for a series of conferences for sales and marketing teams throughout the UK.  Volkswagen wanted a keynote speaker to creatively address the point that often we can be focusing so much on one thing in our professional environment that everything else goes unnoticed. They wanted a 20-minute talk to kick off the afternoon for the week of seminars for over 1,000 delegates.

Christopher worked with Volkswagen to decide three key areas that each franchise owner and marketing manager can shift to improve their results 1) Focus, 2) Assumptions and 3) Thinking.  Using magic, he made examples of each topic and left delegates with key questions to improve their results in the next year.

"Christopher rose to the challenge of providing an energetic keynote after lunch for our week of UK conferences.  He met with us several weeks before our conference to craft a presentation using his magic skills that took on board our objectives and messages for the day and expressed them in an entertaining way. 

The feedback from our delegates about Christopher's spot was positive and it added a fun and memorable element to a day that otherwise would have just been full of hard work.  It was a pleasure working with him and we highly recommend his presentations.

Mr. C. Daplyn
Blueprint Partners, on behalf of Volkswagen UK

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