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. overview
learn creativity skills

We know your organization probably faces unprecedented challenges right now. Creativity is one of the most valuable skills to equip us to thrive, regardless. It is a basic ingredient for a team that wants to innovate and thrive in spite of change, limitations and uncertainty. Project Illusions live and online workshops teach these skills.

Christopher Howell has developed this fun interactive creativity workshop experience that makes use of a variety of teaching techniques so by the end, everyone has struck upon a ‘breakthrough moment’. New practical skills are immediately applicable to everyday challenges.

Inspire and equip your team to reach their potential. Earn kudos from delivering Christopher's game-changing workshop – like the BBC – that’s the "perfect balance of entertainment, education and inspiration".

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. Topics
often covered include

1 Dealing with change  
2 Innovation
3 Creative thinking
4 Effective problem solving
5 Achieving 'impossible' goals

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. Results
valuable take-aways

- Create innovative ideas for your professional context.
- Boost morale as employees become key players to generate ideas and solutions.
- Empower decision makers with new possibilities.
- Think fresh in fun interactive ways.
- Learn the full benefits of these workshops.

. Activities
to explore the topics may include

Simple magic tricks demonstrate some of the creative ways that magicians appear to accomplish ‘impossible’ things.  Creative thinking, like a magic trick, is achieved through practical techniques that can be taught.


When you realise your perceptions have been ‘tricked’, you understand how you block yourself from creative thinking. To understand our blocks is the first step to think more creatively.

Even people who swear they can not draw are shocked by the results of these exercises. Delegates learn valuable observation skills that are transferrable to problem solving.

These help participants learn how to stop making assumptions. This innovative thinking can help delegates multiply possibilities exponentially.  

Watching magic communicates an ‘anything is possible’ mindset. Possibility is in the eye of the beholder.

This is an interactive experience that reveals how there are many ways to see the same situation.  It teaches how to juggle multiple perspectives to benefit problem solving.

Bespoke exercises are often proposed for workshops to specifically address a topic of interest. Contact us to speak about what you have in mind.

. Your Workshop

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. technical details

- Length: usually between 1 and 3 hours
- Attendees: usually from 10 to 200
- Equipment: projector and screen required
- Based in London with international availability
- For talks in North America, no visa required and travel inclusive

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